Top Five Web Design Trends For 2018

Top Five Web Design Trends For 2018

Every designer, who wants to succeed in this business, is interested in being up to date with the latest news and solutions in this filed. If you’re going to achieve a more significant number of clients and improve your business, then it’s necessary to know about the current trends. The web design should be unique, but also, it provides IT, experts, a lot of creativity. By following the trends, every designer should monitor the trends because web design requires constant improvement and learning. So, let see what trends will mark 2018.

Geometric shapes

ShapesThis trend initially stared in 2016, it gained popularity in 2017, and it will continue to grow in 2018. By using geometric forms, it is possible to accomplish excellent results. First of all, the design material shapes are highly recommended in web design.

Create unique pictures and graphics

The web design allows web designers to express a lot of creativity, but, the initial concept should be exclusive content, images, and video. Graphic design has become the part of ordinary web design, but its full potential isn’t yet discovered. So, we expect that 2018 will change that and graphics will gain more popularity.

Bright colors

ColorsThe bright colors can shape your bold character and the message you are trying to convey. Color transition is among the contemporary trends in Web design. For example, the Instagram company was the first one who applied this rule and turned the things on the IT market. Considering this trend was highly popular in 2017, we expect it will continue in 2018. But, keep in mind to mix different shades of colors in order to avoid flashy colors.




Nowadays you can see animated objects almost anywhere. But, they are gaining more on superior quality because they want to provide a real and smooth effect which will be pleasing to the eyes. They have succeeded to capture the attention of the visitors, and we think they will continue to develop in 2018.

Photo content

This trend remains relevant in 2018, and many businesses will avoid content and present it in pictures. There is a simple reason for this, more than 60% of internet users believe in unique photographs, and they are usually decisive factors when some purchase is in order. In this case, e-stores should give pictures maximum attention because having the great photos will determine the success of your business.


Are Listings In Directories Useful Or Not For The SEO?

Are Listings In Directories Useful Or Not For The SEO?

When we look at the early days of the web, even before the Google, some of you might remember how web directories were used to research information online. For instance, it’s precisely how Yahoo started back in the 90s, but that wasn’t a search engine, it was a directory. From this stance, this entire process might look primitive, but, in the past, directories had a significant role because they helped regular web users find the information on the web and helped the website owners be visible on online. A lot of things have changed since then, and even though the directories still exist, the way we use them has changed.

Web directories and SEO

Web-directoriesFor many years, a popular strategy for website owners was to submit their site to many web directories as they can. This was an easy way of getting links. The primary goal was to improve the search visibility and increase ranking. One of the reasons why this method was popular because it’s cheap, it worked, it was easy to do, and it didn’t involve a lot of work. Whenever Google makes some recommendation, a lot of people lose their minds and rush to perform such action.

After some time, Google decided to devaluate links from directories and started removing them from their indexes.

Is listing in directories useful for not for SEO?

A lot of website owners are still unsure whether they should list their sites within directories. Maybe they are afraid they might get a penalty, or perhaps they don’t see the real value in it, or they just don’t know where to start. To answer your question, using directories can be both, good and bad. It all depends on which directory you submit to and how you go about submitting and approach you take. So, what should you do?

Sending the right signals to Google

A lot of experts say that SEO has changed in the past few years. In most cases, SEO means more than just having the great website and excellent content. Google now uses a lot of factors when it rates the site. So you need to know to use these elements to your advantage.

SEO For Beginners

SEO For Beginners

If you are confused about terms like “search engine optimization” or having a “search engine friendly” site, then listen up! I am here to help.

Depending on how long you have had, or considered having, a website online, you have heard terms thrown around like the above or even worse, acronyms! SEO comes to mind.

SEO is a very challenging topic, and not everyone is good at it. If you are thinking of starting the SEO project for your business, then I can help you. For beginners, this can be difficult, but if you are persistent, then you can learn almost anything, just keep learning and improve your IT skills.

Really there is not that much to fear even if you have no idea right now what is really meant by having a search engine friendly site.

Here is what search engines like to have in their results when people type in keywords:What-is-seo

A site with lots of content.
A site with UNIQUE content (Original – meaning you wrote it or you paid someone to write it for you.)
Sites that are well organized link-wise (meaning simple navigation from the main page of your site to every other page of your site.)
Sites that have links pointing to them from other popular, relevant sites. (sites that are similar in content to yours but that are not in direct competition with yours in content)
Sites that change regularly (not static but always growing with new content on a regular basis)
Sites they can read. (search engine robots cannot read javascript for instance and therefore you get no credit for whatever content is in that application on your site)
Tightly themed sites. It is easier for an engine to rank your site properly (where you want it to be) if you are not all over the map in content.
Exception: Portal sites or directories. But this is an item for another article all together

What About The Complicated Stuff?

There really isn’t anything complicated about what the search engines want. But if you have stumbled into a search engine forum you were likely blown away with comments and tips that were completely over your head.

There is a difference between basic, standard optimization and the stuff they talk about in those forums. While visting SEO forums is good to keep up on new things as you go along, many people get confused and the forums are the breeding grounds for confusion when you are a beginner.

Try to learn advanced SEO from noted experts in the field rather than taking anything in chats or forums as gospel. A lot more people THINK they know what they are doing than actually do.Everything-about-seo

Remember that anything someone is willing to give away for free which, if it works, could be worth tens of thousands of dollars in high rankings resulting in high sales, is probably something that is old hat and not effective anymore.

But for now, you have a lot of work to do on the basics. The advanced stuff can come later. Relative to the advanced SEO, getting the basics right is the most powerful move you can make because you are going from zero to moving up in rankings by, many times, tens of thousands of spaces in a relatively short time.

Advanced SEO focuses on moving your site from high rankings slightly higher rankings.


Your content is the most important thing about a website. It must be friendly to the search engines meaning no special java script or other stuff. Just good old fashioned HTML. You will do fine with PHP, SHTML, and other things, but for the purpose of this article, HTML is the way most people construct their sites.

You should use a good density of your main keyword phrase for each page of your site within the content. If you are going after a high ranking for the phrase “dog leashes” you need to have that phrase in the title of the page and throughout the content.

The Importance Of Anchor Text

The Importance Of Anchor Text

Having the links imported in your content is an integral part of SEO. The more links you have, the better. Each link comes with an anchor text, and the great thing about this is that Google still gives as much importance to anchor text as before. So, if you are promoting your business online, or if you are trying to break through on the market, then you need to understand the basics of SEO. For this article, we have chosen to introduce the anchor text and explain the details to you.

How Google rank links?

Google-rank-linksIn this case, there are three significant ways:

Anchor text – the thing we will discuss in this article is a blue underlined text that is clickable, and it will take you to another page, which is linked. There has been a lot of controversy about anchor text, some people swear by it, while others are dissatisfied with the performance. In the recent posts, Google has announced it will reduce the dependence on anchor text until it becomes minimal. Also, a lot of companies have presented infographics about the future of anchor text, and they showed a decrease in popularity.

Anchor title – it’s a text that appears every time you cross over it with your mouse. Its significance isn’t that big, as anchor text, but it’s one of the most visible ways that describe link and what is pointing to.

Content around the link – material that surrounds the link is also used to derive link, and it has two major factors, page title, and content body.

Anchor text’s importance at the moment

ExampleAs long as Google’s algorithm keeps functioning like this, then the anchor text still has the chance to succeed. For example, if you have a website which sells gift boxes, anchor text like a gift certificate, gift items, and gift cards will help you achieve a higher rank, then only focus on gift boxes. But, if you don’t include the keywords such as gifts, boxes or gift boxes, then all your efforts will be useless.