Are Listings In Directories Useful Or Not For The SEO?

Are Listings In Directories Useful Or Not For The SEO?

When we look at the early days of the web, even before the Google, some of you might remember how web directories were used to research information online. For instance, it’s precisely how Yahoo started back in the 90s, but that wasn’t a search engine, it was a directory. From this stance, this entire process might look primitive, but, in the past, directories had a significant role because they helped regular web users find the information on the web and helped the website owners be visible on online. A lot of things have changed since then, and even though the directories still exist, the way we use them has changed.

Web directories and SEO

Web-directoriesFor many years, a popular strategy for website owners was to submit their site to many web directories as they can. This was an easy way of getting links. The primary goal was to improve the search visibility and increase ranking. One of the reasons why this method was popular because it’s cheap, it worked, it was easy to do, and it didn’t involve a lot of work. Whenever Google makes some recommendation, a lot of people lose their minds and rush to perform such action.

After some time, Google decided to devaluate links from directories and started removing them from their indexes.

Is listing in directories useful for not for SEO?

A lot of website owners are still unsure whether they should list their sites within directories. Maybe they are afraid they might get a penalty, or perhaps they don’t see the real value in it, or they just don’t know where to start. To answer your question, using directories can be both, good and bad. It all depends on which directory you submit to and how you go about submitting and approach you take. So, what should you do?

Sending the right signals to Google

A lot of experts say that SEO has changed in the past few years. In most cases, SEO means more than just having the great website and excellent content. Google now uses a lot of factors when it rates the site. So you need to know to use these elements to your advantage.